Bullet Train to Steam Train

Bullet Train to Steam Train

You can arrive at Hiroshima station by one of the fastest bullet trains in the world (the Shinkansen). Then you can go to platform 9 and get on the Geibi line train, just to discover that steam trains still operate in Japan! Often, the Shinkansens make headlines. We hear how the newest Shinkansen model reduced the traveling time by one minute or how there was not even a second delay in any of the Shinkansens over the past year.

From the very same Hiroshima Station where the Shinkansen stops, the Geibi Line train also departs with its ancient steam engine which often gets delayed (stay tuned for the reason of the delay). After a few stations, the Geibi line goes into such rural territory that you won’t even see any station staff or those high tech Japanese station gates at the stations. You can get in/out off the stations at your will. The train track becomes a single line, which is one of the reasons the train gets delayed in that line. And another reason is that, in the remote destinations on the Geibi line, at times, the deer collide with the train, causing the delay!

Location: Shirakiyama, Hiroshima, Japan

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